Time for Change

You’re just a chemical reaction in my brain, who’s to say different? Come experience a little of my reality, let go of your ego, transcend. I hope it breaks you, only because being broke may help find the pieces that don’t fit.sitting safe in your bubble? I have the needle. Perspective is so easily distorted and good and evil all depends where you’re sitting. Don’t hang onto who you once where they died and with every thought a new you is born.



Like an infection, a thought can overtake your entire sense of your true direction, be careful what ones you follow. Follow the true will and know ones true will, listen to the universe’s whispers, let go of what’s not present, don’t clutch onto ego, don’t go about the world blind. The fool speaks because he has to say something the wise speak because something has to be said wake up.

A 4am

“It’s cold in here” my grey headed friend says as the old Toyota rambles down the highway. This is a friend that has many times helped me beyond words, a man I look up to for his wisdom. He’s saying this I presume to get me to roll up my window, but that won’t happen until he’s done partaking of his demon.”You done with that shit yet?” I say as he’s wrapping it up and putting it in the glove box, “yeah I’m done I think it’s getting out of control.” I respect this demon out of fear of what it can do. Some people never get away.”It’s had control since the first time, you know where this path will take you, you gotta wrap this shit up.” We have been on this long commute everyday for years now. Around the time his brother killed himself and he uses this as an excuse to let this demon take control of his life. “there is truth in your words. Fuck it gets harder and harder every time” he’s right I don’t think it ever gets easier, this demon will work its way into every aspect of his life breed destruction. “You’ve won before you got this” it’s true I know he can win I just don’t understand why he keeps getting in the ring? 

Words Impact  

  “He who seeks happiness by hurting those who seek happiness will never find happiness”- The Buddha 

A great teaching by the Buddha, one of my favorite quotes. It reminds me that not only the ones who try to hurt me shall only remain unhappy, but that everyone seeks happiness. this quote helps control my demon anger, since following this teaching I have found much peace. I’m reminded of people who walk through life asleep, I feel sorrow for them for they may never become awake. Hate is spreading through this world, people don’t realize how powerful words can be, that everything that is spoken will impact the universe in such a way, we may never have conceived. If I let hate, misery, and anguish come out of my mind then it will only further change my perspective to hate. Anyone who is witness to my demons will be effected as well, just under the surface of reality, like a wild fire with the ability to burn the world down.

The Demon Desire

The more you realize that many of the things in life are just blinders, for what is truly important are not desires of this world. These are things stopping you from true happiness. Be aware be cautious when the corrupt thought comes into your mind of a new house or a new car or new shoes, for these are only thoughts of envy and desire. The items you once sought to bring joy will only bring joy in the moment. This will trap you into a cycle a craving, a deceiving feeling of happiness. Like introducing someone to heroine you will find an irresistible but a irrelevant want to gain this deceitful feeling of joy, over and over again. the new shoes will soon not be new, the new car will no longer give you the joy it once did, so you look for it again and again until you are just a creature of habit. You are an addict always just chasing a feeling, a habit, a demon that lasts only for a moment. Learn not to look for happiness on the outside but to look for happiness on the inside. Our perception your reality is built on being an addict to desire, in this chase of desires you are living as if you are already dead.